Weddings and events

Do you want to make your special day or event a unique occasion with live music? We're here to help.


We perform both sacred and secular romantic music, from John Rutter's God be in my head and A Gaelic Blessing to Eric Whitacre's This Marriage. We also have a selection of contemporary pop songs and are happy to help you choose the perfect repertoire to enhance your celebrations.

Prices are negotiable and we can accommodate most budgets. A sample wedding package might include:

- Consultation with the happy couple -
- Rehearsal at the wedding venue (with organist if appropriate) -
- For church weddings, leading the hymns of your choice -
- A performance of two or three pieces of music chosen by you -
- Travel expenses (if venue is within 25 miles of St Ives, Cambridgeshire) -

We can also entertain guests at your wedding reception and are happy to discuss any specific ideas you have.